how to put a profile picture.

hello, can anyone show me how to put a icon/avater picture on my profile ?

upload a picture

of all the places to ask that… this isnt the place…
to answer your question though see that tool on the top right next to your name? click that

After you logout, you will be asked if you want to change your avatar

click yes, then post something bad about maxofs2d

See that little orange tool in the upper right corner of your screen when your logged into Facepunch?, Right by your username?

Click on that and then go to “Edit Avatar” and basically just either upload a photo of your own or just don’t have an avatar at all


A new guy just walks in here asking for help and you’re going to lie to him?

personally I find pictures of japanese women eating tomatoes make the best avatars…

This could work as well

aye… is there a reason that isnt the default anymore? my only guess is that people would mistaken each other for someone else.

found it and i dont need to log out.

of course you don’t… but good work your one step closer to becoming a FP master.

yup so like if i found something good, ill post it.