How to put an image into derma?

I need help on getting the image I want into my server. How would I go about adding it? I would like to put it on my derma panel.

  • Thanks!

I already have viewed this. I just need to know how to get the image onto my server.

Place in /materials and send via fastdl

Where is /materials located?

garrysmod/materials folder.

It’s not working. Here is my code:

local t = vgui.Create( 'DFrame' )
			t:SetSize( 500, 200 )
			t:ShowCloseButton( false )
			t:SetDraggable( true )
			t:SetTitle( '' )
			-- Image panel of Dr. Breen
			local breen_img = vgui.Create( "DImage", OpenTest )	-- Add image to Frame
			breen_img:SetPos( 50, 50 )	-- Move it into frame
			breen_img:SetSize( 150, 150 )	-- Size it to 150x150
			-- Set material relative to "garrysmod/materials/"
			breen_img:SetImage( "scripted/breen_fakemonitor_1" )

You are parenting the DImage to OpenTest, which does not exist.