How to put an image on background of 2d top view?

I’m new at valve hammer, so i’m looking to build a map of my work, i have de sketch plan, so i want to place it on background of 2d top view to use for reference…
i didn’t find how to do this, the best that a found was to create a texture of the plan, create a block and use the texture, but it only renders in 3d view =/

it’s possible to place a image on 2d view only for reference?

not really, your best bet is to just wing it by using the 3d view

you could try the hot keys so you can resize rotate in the 3d view X or Ctrl+F9 Display selection handles for object resizing/rotation.

No, Hammer doesn’t let you place images in the 2d viewports.

create model and put it in to hammer

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send me your texture
and wmf with box because of size.

Cheroke98cz gave me an idea if you can use 3dsmax you can display the image in the 2d windows then use wallworm to export a .vmf to compile in hammer or like what Cheroke98cz said make it a model

If you’re desperate I’d no joke print it off on some baking paper and tape it onto your screen :smiley:
But I think it’s not a bad skill to learn to transfer it to your map rather than directly copying over what you’ve sketched

thanks man, but i don’t know what is and how to create a wmf file =/
i have created a vtf file for the texture.

it contains the vtf and the original png:

can you help me?

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Thanks everybody, i will try these tips!

I have made simple cpp ui, but I have no idea how to make it pass clicks through D:

Follow this tutorial:
it allows you to make models for hammer

He dont need this, he could do with the tool vmfTosmd.
And then compile the smd with a .qc to get a model.

Does Gmod support env_projectedtextures for use in mapping?

You should do some testing, but I believe they are fully supported. Many projectedtexture fixes have been implemented and the limit raised.