How to put gmod 13 qorkshop addons onto a gmod server?

Hey there people. As previously mentioned in my last post, I own a gmod srcds server, and I learned how to make addons work finally. Now I have another problem. I want the addons from the addons in the steamapps folder to work in my orange box addons folder. I’m talking about the .GMA files (I’m assuming that stands for garrys mod addon). The addons I want is weapons, so another thing I want to know is how do I get CSS weapons onto a gmod server. I have the cstrike, and the css folder for darkrp, but the css guns dont show up. I managed to get them to show in singleplayer, but not non my server. Please help me!


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Sorry about the mis spell, I meant workshop.

Thank you, that helped, I also need a good place to get css weapons.

Hm… if your looking for a gun pack i can show you two. Type this into workshop.vdf

“1” “104479034”
“2” “104479298”

That is Mad Cows and CSS Realistic Weapons 4.0 for gmod13

CRAP now there is a different eror, it says “KeyValues Error: LoadFromBuffer: missing { in file workshop.vdf” PLEASE HELP MEH!!!