How to Raid Houses on Big Rocks?

How many ways are there to raid a Hous on big Rocks?

Why dont fint it by yourself? Its a dumb question. You should not get any answer here

The most common way is to build a big tower next to the base,people use glitches to avoid fall damage and land on the roof of the building.the higher the tower,the higher the tower the further you can jump.The tower loses 1 stability per block which means you can build it pretty high (around 40floors or so i think)

u dont even need to glitch to survive the fall damage… if u have full health u’ll survive a fall the height of a cupboards building block range with about 10 health left… not that i know this from experience or anything :wink: and OP, pretty much the only way to hit a rock base right now is with a buggy pole bridge which is a bannable offence in most community servers so they’re pretty impenetrable atm

Haha! you don’t need to build towers just a couple of blocks height that matches the rocks, there is a glitch using squares and triangles that make it easy to create sky bridges

And again there is a raider who just admitted he can’t raid properly without abusing bugs, flaws or glitches… Pathetic in my opinion. If you can’t play the game normally, why even bother?

Such a pity that people can’t put any real effort in to the game…

You’re a moron, I’m a Builder not a Raider, that’s how i know about the building glitch.
You can get back in your corner now, come out when you grow a beard and learn to use your brain.

geez grym, you’re copping it a bit at the moment. being called a girl, a lame raider and being told you hate building XD

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Some Rust players do seem a bit “special”.

She’s known as The Viking Queen.

And yes, some players do seem a bit “special”, they have CBT, Communicating Before Thinking.

suicide multiple times and jump up using your own bodies.

Very creative!

Squares and triangles? why don’t I know about this one? It can’t possibly be easier than the floor, pillar combo. I know the triangle floor is the most broken piece of all, especially once you rotate it but now I want to know your build technique.

You have to get creative to raid a rock house. If it’s well built, it’s extremely difficult without using exploits. Not impossible, but requires some work, time and resources.

My friends and I raided this house this evening. We had some explosive charges to make it easier (yay C4 BP!!). There was a guardhouse on a smaller rock that could be jumped on with the main entrance and a bridge across to the base. We knew the guard house housed a tool cupboard, so we blasted our way in, but at the same time blowing up the stairway to get to the house. So we needed a second way in.

While the foundation of the house was all stone, the rest was wood except a single stone square on the ground floor. I was pretty sure the 1 reinforced room was where the main tool cupboard was located. We tossed 2 charges up on the ledge at the base of the house and struck pay dirt, destroying the main tool cupboard (the hole circled in red). There was still another tool cupboard on the second floor at the other end of the base, but we could finally get close enough to easily build a raid tower to get in via the twig roof.

This was my first raid on a rock house, and can happily say that the raid was quick, well executed and profitable.