How to raid part one

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Why you disagree zand89 & smokeguy & lolcheese such rudeness.

Hummm… It looks like you increased the brightness to see better at night.

#bandosbarricadejump :smiley:

Yes he applied a brightness filter when edeting the movie, so you can see whats hes doing. Clealy cheating right.

it is 2014, it is #101 raiding now brochacho.

gamma was set @ OBS.

The streamer is kinda obligated to turn gamma up so the viewers can see

why go through all this trouble instead of just building a stairwell. seems it would go quicker if you had all the parts made before you got there, and less chance of falling off

Because sometimes you cant put Foundations where you need and also it takes alot more wood. This is just alot more efficient in general.

where’s part 2?

Subscribe & Stay tuned!

I’m at the edge of my seat, waiting to see how this ends…


Will be out in the coming days.

why post this trick? wtf lol

Lol this is pretty awesome.

To help people raid as efficient as I have been doing for months. New players needs help, one more videos coming soon with alot more useful end game things to know about this game. Make sure you click that subscribe button.

Thx man