How to raid this?

Any way except using 20-40 c4s? I guess its basically a suicide base, just without the suicide part.

Why do you have two 9mm is the better question?

Well I cant tell from the looks of it but check this for me: I want you to tell me one of the foundations layout of pillars surrounding the main base (not the foundations randomly placed).

Does it look like this?:
x x x
x x x
x x x Where x = a pillar?

Or this?:

x x x
x (This X should be in the center, formatting fucked it up)
x x x Where x= a pillar

Tell me that first.

directly around the base there is basically pillars wherever possible.
so its
x x x
x x x
x x x

except at the very top floor, where the overlapping ceilings cause it to be
x x x
x x x
as you cant put pillars below the center of a ceiling.
near the base there is random foundations everywhere making attaching further foundatiosn to the base impossible.

I bet you can build a ladder for this. Of what I’ve seen.

The thing is, most of the time when I see a base like this, they focus so much on preventing building to the higher levels, they they tend to only leave 1-3 metal doors for you to deal with in almost the entire base. Since it’s wood, scour around the main floor and look through the cracks to see whats on the bottom floor and what you’re up against. Chances are, you’ll find a section where the stairs are and chances are again, that the stairway doesn’t have many doors around it.

Blast the wall with the most access to the bottom floor (or to the stairs) and then take a look around. With a base that tall and with that many resources used for the exterior, I bet dimes to doughnuts that each floor is wide open with little to worry about in regards to having 1x1 secured sections. If they’re wide open as I suspect, then the maximum amount of C4 I can count that you’d need are around 16 to access every floor.

If they’re really dumb and left their stairway as a single set going all the way to the top, then you don’t need as many C4. You can blast into the bottom with 2 C4 to gain access to the area where the stairs are, then make your way to the very top and blast into it with 2 more C4. Most of these guys will put their stuff at the very top to avoid any barricade/spike wall/crate jumpers as much as possible, and people in small groups or solo players will generally use what little C4 they have on the first two floors before they run out. Instead, work from the top down. Chances are, they may expect someone to try the very top, so maybe focus on the floor below the top.

Regardless, always recon every wall, every crack and look for any useful information you can use as to where you should use your valuable C4 on so you use the least amount possible. Check a floor entirely for any hidden stash bags, or wooden walls that are really wooden doors that lead to a secret stash of goodies… if the guy is offline, then spend the time hacking it down (Takes about 3 real minutes with a metal hatchet) and save your C4.

The other tip I would use is to come with some of your own wood walls. If you are limited on C4, blast in with what you got until you’re out and probe each floor as much as you can… then when you leave after knowing exactly what the floor has (and you got everything) put walls back up as you leave, so that it takes them longer to realize their base has been compromised (and how it was)… this way there is less chance of them adding more security for you to deal with. You may even want to leave a few wood walls as wood doorways with wood doors (which are unlocked) as from a distance they will look like normal walls to the owner, which you can waltz right through later when you get more C4 to go further into the base… if they do notice them, if they’re unlocked, there’s the slight chance they may open them and think that they’re his own (Doubtful, but you never know) unless he tries to check by setting a passcode… the main thing is that from a distance he can’t see that his base was blasted through and you have an easy way of getting inside without needing more C4.

If I could see the base first hand, I’d be able to give some better advice.

There is 8 floors, you start blowing the second one by putting large wood storage + barricade. When you blow the first wall (on the second floor), just put a barricade on the edge of the floor (or a Large box+barricade on the edge of the floor so you can jump on it and access the 3rd floor to c4). And you keep going up. By bypassing the first floor, there is only 7 left so it’s 14 c4 to get to the top (plus 2 or 4 c4 for the inside).

But, im pretty sure there is an easier to do this with only 2 or 4 c4. Find a way to build stairs next to an external foundation until you can go above the ceiling of the base (not on the ceiling, but at the top of the pillar of one of the external foundation, above the ceiling level). From there, just put a bed (I like the bed, it’s big enough to jump on it) on the top of the pillar just under a hanging ceiling (considering you can’t pillar the middle of a ceiling, there is always room to put a bed on top of that pillar). Then jump on the bed (place the bed toward the wall) and go close enough to the top floor to c4 it.

You could use spike walls aswell between pillars but I prefer the bed idea. You don’t have to injure yourself, especially at this height where falling means death.

You can place a bed on a pillar? thought it can only be placed on foundations. Gonna test this one out :slight_smile:

Yep. The bed is the bigfest thing that can be placed on a pillar. Take care tho, the hitbox is somehow fucked up. You can’t go as far as you can to jump from the edge (you fall through it at some point). But it’s long enough to c4 the wall from it (or to run and jump).

How is building that possible? The ceilings have pillars in the center of the side. I don’t think you can place a ceiling there if that’s the case… please correct me if I am wrong.

How to raid c4 proof base


Don’t Raid it! It’s my base… I don’t want you too,now go away! :slight_smile:

Yep that’s wrong. You can put pillars on the side’s center but not on the very middle of the ceiling.

Also, you can put a ceiling hanging on another ceiling. Let me describe it as it’s a bit hard to explain. Let’s say you put 3 pillars on both side of a ceiling, you have something that looks like that:
III (this is one ceiling on top of 6 pillars from the side)

If you add 2 pillar on the side, you can put a ceiling on top of the half of the other ceiling. From the side it’ll look like this:


It’s kind of like a ceiling and a half. But you can’t put any wall/doorway in the center. Kind of interresting for building theory but I tried to find a purpose for this and didn’t find any. That’swhy I put it here, if anyone’s got an idea, lemme know!

This is easy. Use a barricade and large storage box to get up to the 2nd level and blow the wall. Then use a barricade angling out to get to the next floor, blow the wall and rinse and repeat till you get to the level with a stash. If you have issues with angling the barricade you can just use a barricade / large storage on every level as well. Essentially this lets you scale the external wall until you find the floor that you want to blow deeper into.

You are still looking at like 10-12c4 for sure however.

Really? Which do you think is faster. Switching weapons or reloading one?

An M4 is faster.