How to read unreadable lua code I deleted then recovered

I used a program to view all my wiped files on my hard drive and when I recovered the lua file I wanted all that shows is something like this
44dd 0b00 48dd 0b00 4cdd 0b00 50dd 0b00
54dd 0b00 58dd 0b00 5cdd 0b00 60dd 0b00
64dd 0b00 68dd 0b00 6cdd 0b00 70dd 0b00
74dd 0b00 78dd 0b00 7cdd 0b00 80dd 0b00
84dd 0b00 8cdd 0b00 94dd 0b00 9cdd 0b00
a4dd 0b00 acdd 0b00 b4dd 0b00 bcdd 0b00
c4dd 0b00 ccdd 0b00 d4dd 0b00 d8dd 0b00
dcdd 0b00 e4dd 0b00 ecdd 0b00 f4dd 0b00
fcdd 0b00 04de 0b00 0cde 0b00 14de 0b00
1cde 0b00 24de 0b00 2cde 0b00 34de 0b00
3cde 0b00 44de 0b00 4cde 0b00 54de 0b00
5cde 0b00 64de 0b00 6cde 0b00 74de 0b00
7cde 0b00 84de 0b00 8cde 0b00 94de 0b00
9cde 0b00 a4de 0b00 acde 0b00 b4de 0b00
b8de 0b00 bcde 0b00 c0de 0b00 c4de 0b00
c8de 0b00 ccde 0b00 d0de 0b00 d4de 0b00
d8de 0b00 dcde 0b00 e0de 0b00 e4de 0b00
e8de 0b00 ecde 0b00 f0de 0b00 f4de 0b00
f8de 0b00 00df 0b00 08df 0b00 10df 0b00
18df 0b00 20df 0b00 28df 0b00 30df 0b00
38df 0b00 40df 0b00 48df 0b00 50df 0b00
54df 0b00 58df 0b00 5cdf 0b00 60df 0b00
64df 0b00 68df 0b00 6cdf 0b00 70df 0b00
74df 0b00 78df 0b00 7cdf 0b00 80df 0b00
88df 0b00 8cdf 0b00 90df 0b00 94df 0b00
98df 0b00 9cdf 0b00 a0df 0b00 a4df 0b00
a8df 0b00 acdf 0b00 b0df 0b00 b4df 0b00
b8df 0b00 bcdf 0b00 c0df 0b00 c4df 0b00
Anyway to restore this lua file?

That’s not lua anymore.

Expanding on what Author. said:

I believe that this may just be a list of addresses. I’m not experienced in the field but I came across this which is fairly similar to your code.


Your code is with the matrix now :frowning: