How to record and edit like Vanossgaming did? :/

Hello guys, I’m new here… Want to ask something :smile:

I recently watched the Vanoss videos, and there is something I want to know

0:58 -> I know this is demo recording thing :v
1:54 -> Wait… How Delirious can move his hands up?! This is not the Prop Hunt feature isn’t it? o_O""

Of course that is not the video editing… That is something like demo editing??! o_O""
He recorded the game, and then changed the Delirious’ hand, acting like that
How he did that? o_O""

Maybe he did that separately? On single player? :confused:

What it looks like to me is that he combines footage he makes in Sandbox Gmod and from Prophunt. For example, you can do the thing at 1:54 with ragdolls, he probably made that scene in sandbox on the same map as prophunt and combined the footage. I hope that makes sense.

From what I’ve heard V.G spends a lot of time editing - be prepared to spent genuinely hours on making those little video clips :confused: but yeah he switches onto sandbox and will use the same map and pose them using all the tools you have in sandbox anyway :wink:

ehm… yeah that’s make sense…
One more question…
How he can placed the camera exactly same location? :confused:

It doesn’t take much brainpower to estimate head height and he already knew what he wanted to shoot so yeah. It’s not the “exact” same spot, but it is close.

getpos in demo, sv_cheats 1; setpos <getpos output> in sandbox.

demos are really powerful things, never really used them in gmod but assuming everything works like most source games i imagine they’d be really useful for this kinda mixing stuff up

wow o_O"
Oh wait… He placed the camera on Prop Hunt or he drove the camera on demo? o_O""
If he drove the camera, then… How to… Get that position? Same command? getpos and setpos? o_O"

Wait a second… Is that Lua? Not console? o_O"""""
How to get the camera entity? :confused:

Uh… I can’t open the console while demo :’(

he plays prop hunt while recording a demo, then he loads the demo and gets the pos from console, then he goes into sandbox, on the same map, and goes to that pos, makes the scene, might even do some really slick editing to carry the demo (or actual gameplay recording) on a few seconds later (or will just resume from after the clever sandbox edit)

Hmm… Then how to open the console when playing the demo?
I used F10 as shortcut to open the console, but it seems not working :frowning:

i don’t think f10 ever opens the console? it’s usually the key to the left of 1

ehm… Yeah I bound F10 to open the console :stuck_out_tongue:
So it’s use the default key, ’ ` ’ key? :confused:
I will try it, thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit : Oh, the F10 works, I don’t know why it is not working previously :confused: