How to record Rust with Fraps?

Hello, so today i am wondering if anyone else has this problem:

I am a Fraps user, and i have been using it for about 2 years now, and there is a problem that does not allow me to record Rust using Fraps.

-The FPS counter doesn’t appear.
-Pressing the record button doesn’t do anything
-I have tried OBS and many other alternatives but nothing like fraps satisfies me.

If anyone has a way to fix this problem it would be great.

Simple answer.

Tried reinstalling it?

Many, MANY times.

Didnt mean to ask such a simple question, but sometimes people are that stupid and don’t try this.

Did a quick google and people say that Rust can’t be recorded anymore???

But theres a way like this that i found:

“using Fraps go to “general” tab and enable “Monitor Aero desktop (DWM)” that way it records your desktop.”
So you can record the screen instead of the actual window if you have it on full screen.


TBH the only recording app that works flawlessly these days is Play.TV that comes as part of AMD Gaming Evolved.

No issues with fullscreen recording just click and record. Not only can you upload direct to Play.TV but it also saves the MP4 to your windows/video folder so u can edit and add to youtube etc.

All in all great app.

Do people still use fraps? When I was looking for a good recording software fraps seemed very outdated.

The last I used was “Open Broadcast Software” and it worked pretty good.

not sure when it was updated last, but this is the list of EAC supported recording gear.