how to reduce server "lag"

So i’m running a custom pistachio server that I’m working on. it has quite a few entities on it so it can get rather laggy i guess. I have the server set to run at 33 tick and it’s affinity to 1 cpu core which is running at 2.5ghz, and after about 2 minutes the core is at 100% load. I “stress tested” the server by spawning a few quite large props from the cs:s map props and when i do and use the phys gun to try to drag them around and its very laggy. I was hoping someone here might be able to give me some tips on what to do to bring down all this lag.

I thought that srcds is a multithreaded application…
If you’re running it from your home computer or on a VPS, that should do it

srcds is single threaded. always has been.

So are you running on a VPS slice or a dedicated server?
It could be anything from the server hardware to the code you’re running having some leak or huge endless operation somewhere…

its a dedicated server

I would check your code for anything that could be causing massive operations or resource-intensive operations to be performed, as well as check the hardware on the server and maybe ask the host

yeah, turns out it was a damn addon i had made. guess i’m gunna have to get someone to remake it or something. it seems to be duplicating entities constantly, so in the end, its prolly creating thousands of them quickly which is causing it.

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wa right. was massively duplicating the entities. got it fixed.