How to reduce the amount of raiding

All that excess animal fat and sulfur you have that you will never use, throw it away! So they can’t make more explosives from your house.

I can assure you the people raiding your house are too lazy to go and farm it up themselves. If everyone that is sick of being raided does this the raiders will be a lot more selective on who they raid as they won’t have the endless explosive charges to just blow up every house.

What? Are you serious?

Sulfur is one of the most valuable raw resources and I use every last bit of it.
Why would anyone just throw it all away?

By this logic people should throw away all of the C4 they happen across as well.

If people stop keeping the stuff on hand/home, then the rate of people being attacked while harvesting skyrockets. Assuming you are being serious, people would have to actually stop gathering Sulfur altogether for your “idea” to have any kind of effect.

If your worried about people raiding your house, just put a LOT of metal doors. My house requires at least 8 c4 to get the least useful things. Really helpful.

It seems common to get broken into once every day, 2 days if you’re lucky.

I’ve made a massive 4x5 house in one day before I went to bed, there was unfortunately a blind spot so they could make their way up and get to the loot. It’s a bit ridiculous just how common it is.

The best experiences I’ve had in this game was on the uncraftable c4 servers, there’s still plenty of c4, but it’s not wasted on any odd house.

The game is more balanced on servers which you can’t craft C4, in my opinion. You can still have it, but you will have to save it to use it into your enemies base instead of everyone else’s base.

If you are getting raided every day you’re building your house wrong/ in the wrong place.

Agree with Thezar.

I play on a server that has an average of 40 - 70 people online, and the last time my base got raided was 2 weeks ago, and all they got was a one chest of meds.

Here is usually what I do:

  1. Build as wide as you can, 5x5 , 7x7 etc.

  2. Don’t worry too much about the floors, you can just keep on adding as you get resources.

  3. Only use a little of each room, the rest should just be fake rooms with empty chests

  4. Don’t place your loot at the top, I prefer the first/second floor

  5. Place the pillars around your house so they can’t build up but leave 1 gap for them.

Currently this way works for me. They will built up, see all the chests blow in, find nothing etc. it will cost them so much c4 to find where your loot is that they will rather go spend it on a house that is easier to raid.

what he said, if they can find it, it can and WILL be raided. i keep saying on these forums every time someone cries about being raided. in over 3 months over several servers NO ONE has raided the base im in, no one has even found the base im in. Be smart about placement. You want to cut down raiding? dont build next to a damn resource field. Dont build in the rocks in one of the common shortcut paths. Dont build by roads. Dont build in any place convienient for you. Build far off, way out in the undeveloped area if you must, or along the shore in some places. i get sick and tired of people wanting to dumb down the game because they are too dumb to figure out how to play effectively

My group always builds our base on road at small rad. If we get raided we are geared back up In an hour so it’s not a big deal.

This thread is full of people who build on roads or in the middle of a resource field…you know where I keep my base? It’s some where up here…

Do you know how many times it’s been raided? Zero…you know how many people I’ve seen walk by it…2 and that is in a 2-3 week window. Stop building in a field, and if you’re to lazy to do a 5 minute run to your base then don’t complain about it getting blown up all the time :slight_smile: lol

Like i said. Don’t build far away from the action. Build on top of it. It won’t matter if you get raided bc u will be geared again in an hour.