How to reference custom addons and how to force a download?

I’m just starting to get into hosting gmod servers, specifically DarkRP, and I have a few questions. When I want to install a custom addon to my server, I download it from the workshop on my client, then I extract the addon with GMAD, and upload the resulting files & folders to the addons directory of the server. Lets say the addon was a playermodel. How do I reference that in the model field when making a custom job?
The other question I have is how do I force a player’s client to download the custom addons the server is using? I tried putting a lua file in lua/autorun/server that contains resource.AddWorkshop(“ID”) but it doesn’t seem to work at all.
Any help you could offer will be greatly appreciated!

That is for getting the addons onto the server correct? What I’m asking is, how do I get the player’s client to download the addons upon joining so they don’t see errors all over the place.


I used this to download addons onto my server, but now I’m having the issue of referencing them. The lua file for custom jobs in darkrp requires a path to the model file, but I’m not seeing where it saved the addon to. Any ideas?

Go find the path for the model inside the workshop addon?

What addon are you trying to use?