How to remove a head on a serverside ragdoll? (Bones, Matrixes, or Inflate?)

How can i remove the head of a serverside player ragdoll?
I have tried with parts from the inflator tool, but the whole body disappeared. Then i asked the author of the Microwave Rifle how his head-exploding part worked.

I have tried to use usermessage that clientsided removed the bones, but it didnt worked.

Can someone please tell me?

You could try looking at how the microwave rifle worked instead of just asking…

Edit: Yeah I just looked at the code and basically all that sakarias did was de-inflate the head bone.

Yes. I looked at how the microwave rifle worked, and i found out that the bone was getting deflated.
I also tried to set it up by using parts from the inflator tool.
But i didnt understood exactly how you selected the head of the player, so i asked sakarias.

However, i just figured out on my own how it all works, so problem is solved.
I simply used LookUpBone on the ragdoll.

Thanks for your answer.