How to remove bugged modular car underground?


I’m a beginner in servers administration and I’m writing you hoping for someone can help me to solve my problem. I finally completed to setup my first server and me and my community we are testing it. From the day one, we faced a huge loss of fps when looking in a direction of the map so decided to investigate I discovered that in that direction, under the ground, there’s a destroyed and in flame modular car that seems to be the cause of this issue:

The car does not show any health and I already tried to destroy it, fix it and remove it with the command “kill ent” without any success. Any suggestion?

It is pretty ‘normal’ for entities to be at the position (0, 0, 0) under the map.
If you really need to try and get rid of it then try this method with the del command as I’ve documented here Useful commands - Rust Wiki - be warned as this may end up destroying all modular cars on the server.
This server also seems heavily modded so there may be conflicts with plugins you may have that alter anything to do with entities and vehicles