How to remove map props

Hello, is there a way to remove map props permanently on my server? I have a rp server and I use a map that suits perfectly to it, but unfortunately there are some trees on it that causes fps drop.

Ask the author for the vmf or edit it yourself (there will be some error when decompling the map tho)

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Just curious, what map?

Trees (among other things, like buildings) in the map are usually map locked, so you’d have to manually decompile the map and edit in in hammer, which for some, isn’t an easy process. But, what map is it?

I’m not sure but look into a program called EntSpy. That might be able to help you without having to decompile. Just make sure you rename the map to something unique afterwards otherwise stuff is going to conflict.

Wait entspy can remove tree?

If trees are prop_static (and usually they are) then it shouldn’t be able to. Prop_static entities are compiled into map geometry and aren’t even actual entities after map compilation.