How to remove message when I try to open url in game

Hello, Suddenly when I try to open a url in gmod I get this message, I do not touch anything.
Literally appeared out of nowhere.

Search the internet and no one has the same problem as me, Does this happen to all or just me? I tried to install gmod but the problem continues

Happens to everyone. It’s meant to be that way. By having you accept this, you “should” be able to prevent malicious links from being opened on your client by servers.

It is very rare, because a week ago I could !Top! !Textures, etc and I did not get this message, If it’s normal, then I’ll settle down

It was added in a minor update following the july update.
Read more here:

It seems that there is nothing to do, a pity sincerely because everyone will think that my server is hack or something malicious because of that message

Every other server will now have it too, yours won’t stand out.