How to remove printer when player leaves

how do i make it so players printer will disconnect when they leave the server,
atm people can place a printer in the sewers in leave then come back tomorrow and collect millions in money

if players are making millions of off a printer left unattended for 12 hours there’s something seriously wrong.

Ok maybe abit over xD they make about 5.9 million once all there printers are out every 8 hours and i dont know how to remove them when they Leave

There’s one simply way to fix that.
I have been playing on a roleplay server some time back, and it simply works with a energy system.
Every completed print cycle removes one energy point, therefore the printer can make only 1250 dollars in 5 energy cycles.

will look into it :slight_smile:

cant seem to find the energy addon is there any to remove player printers ect,

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