how to remove smooting completely


I have a model that is an editable mesh and I need to reUVmap part of it. As soon as I add UVWUnwrap modifier smoothing becomes fucked up: Now since nobody knew why that happens I followed a buddy’s advice and converted it to editable poly and then added UVWUnwrap, but smoothing still didnt stay quite the same (that is after converting to editable poly, UVWUnwrap didnt touch the model this time), it was a little better than before, but still unacceptable: Buddy said that he couldnt even remove the smooting from the model to resmooth it. My question is how would I remove all smoothing to start smoothing anew and is it possible that the model is corrupted (since it was ported with 3dRipper)?

Thanks for help!

PS: my goal is to add chrome rings around, like this: from this to this so I really need to use UVWUnwrap

There’s two kinds of smoothing - normal smoothing - this can be removed via the edit normals modifier and smoothing groups, which can be cleared under editable mesh (or poly) and the element or polygon subselection.

Though one thing - it looks like a number of your faces have fliped normals - i.e. they face the wrong way. Just select the polygon and hit flip.

For the record, converting between editable mesh and editable poly also usually strips out smoothing group data.

I assume you’re using the SMD exporter and importer - since it uses the normal method as opposed to smoothing groups you have two ways of stripping the smoothing.

a) when importing untick remake normals
b) using the edit normals modifier

Hmm, thanks for the idea and explanation - I exported to smd and reimported with unticked rebuild smoothing groups Result:

After: (the two buttons have not been though the process yet, thats why they are still darker)

At least now I can continue with my work. Thanks! (I just hope resmoothing goes ok :S)

Edit: Yay, (yes I do realize entire car should be resmoothed but oh well)