How to remove the moderator?


I am the admin of a server RUST and I wonder what is the command to remove a player to be moderator.

I tried deleting the file entry "users " but when the server restarts , reappears as moderator.

Thank you very much .

Am i reading you right by you saying you deleted the user.cfg file? or the moderatorid entry within the file?

It stands to reason that if you delete the user.cfg file it will regenerate on server restart, but it should be empty.

Generally I never had an issue adding or removing entries from this file.

Hi NexuxOne.

I erase de moderatoid entry in users.cfg file.

There is no command to remove the moderator from this file, only i can if i erase de cfg file complety and restart de server¿

I supose this is stupid¿?

Same problem with players that are banned, how can i unban a player??


No you can open the users.cfg and bans.cfg using notepad and add/remove any entry you need.

in the users.cfg file you would be removing the line starting with “moderatorid…”

In the bans.cfg find the appropriate ban entry you want to remove and delete it, then save the file.

Change your rcon password. The problem will solve itself.