How to remove wierd lua errors and unwanted info from screen?

Basically, whenever i do almost ANYTHING in gmod, like open my spawn menu with Q, SPAWN anything (props, npcs, vehicles, sents) or equip myself with a weapon, kill something, a big, fat orange or Blue LUA error appears on the right side on my screen. any way to hide or remove these annoying errors? also, any way to remove the little black "owner: (my username, world, NA, ect) " sign in the corner of my screen when im in sandbox? Console commands, files to add, anything? HELP NAOW.

They are addons that you have that are conflicting, and the owner text is prop protection.

I’m having a similar problem as the OP. Near as I can tell, the only thing I’ve done that could have changed Gmod is installing Gm_Underwaste.

Messages I get are like these:

(When I Open the Spawn Menu)
ERROR: GAMEMODE:‘OnSpawnMenuOpen’ Failed: sandbox\gamemode\spawnmenu/spawnmenu.lua:66: attempt to call field ‘SpawnMenuOpen’ (a nil value)

(Spawn an NPC)
:1: attempt to call field ‘SpawnedNPC’ (a nil value)

(Kill an NPC)
base\gamemode\cl_deathnotice.lua:94: attempt to call field ‘IncBaddies’ (a nil value)