How to REPLACE the purple checkerboard texture

First off, I know what purple checkers mean and why they are there. But what I want to do is replace the purple checkerboard texture with something less annoying. So what I want to know is where are the actual materials for the purple checkerboard that I can replace. There has to be a vtf/vmt somewhere doesn’t there? Any help is appreciated.

Afaik its kindof a hardcoded material.

Try engine/debug. Just be sure to use UnlitGeneric in the vmt, so it works on brushes, models and sprites.

What happens if the ‘missing texture’ texture is missing?

Would fallback to wireframe.

Black hole


Thanks, I’m going to look in the engine directory like kukiric suggested now.

Don’t forget you have to create the vmt and vtf unless you extract the originals with GCFscape

All of the sudden, wireframe goes missing. What?!

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You’re going to need to actually fix whatever is broken and giving you the checkerboard texture. Replacing the checkerboard texture itself is a stupid idea and won’t help you at all.

search missingtexture.vtf or .vmt