How to report a server for spam?

Hello, I joined a server and it used file.Write to flood my data folder with .txt files, 328,177 to be exact.

Is there any way to report a server for this mistreatment?
EDIT: Also I’m not assboy.

there is no global authority on servers m8, there’s nothing you can do about it
[sp]except take justice into your own hands, roll a gaggle of alt accounts and trash their shitty server beyond repair[/sp]

There’s nothing that really can be done, best to just blacklist the server and remove the files. I can’t even think of a good solution for the developers to implement, rate limiting file.write would suck and just generally restricting file.write would suck

A server doing this should be blocked from the master list.

@Robot Boy

I use “fs_warning_level 5” to show in my console when any file in my garrysmod directory is either read or written to.

In a case like this, simply opening console for a brief moment would show it happening.

Dude I’m so using this thank you.

In combination with “developer 1” you can easily spot such abuse.

I wholeheartedly agree, but I feel in the meantime we should turn to negotiations. I’m currently working on this as we speak.

Could you perhaps PM me the server address?

I’m pretty sure there is no way to report a server, as Valve have no authority over servers.
Yea, but as ms333 said above me use ‘developer 1’ in combination with ‘fs_warning_level 5’ the console to spot abuse. (Without quotes)