How to restore 5.sav?


With the new update, I’ve encounter a huge problem on my sevrer, the buildings vanish after each restart. I’m sure a patch will help me out with this. But some players have played all night after the wipe and had already made huge buildings and farm. So, when the patch is on, I’d like to get back to the only save I have from this night which is 5.sav in my map folder. Is it possible to reach it?

Thank you for your help

LeStaum, belgian server owner.

I have the same concern after server restart all diparait. So do not redemarer your server.
Quickly a maj

Oui, mais techniquement, une fois que la maj sera faite, je voudrais le remettre dans l’état où il était avant que ça redémarre

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En plus, j’ai une éolienne qui flotte dans les airs :smiley:

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I entered this in my command line (with no positive return)

-load “/server/ServerIdentity/save/Procedural Map_6000_2147483632/5.sav”

I just wiped my server, it’s been less than 24 hours since the patch and it’s just easier. Plus you’ll be able to put 10/2 as the wipe date in the title which will help with traffic over the weekend lol

First, make a backup of 5.sav. With server down, delete 0.sav and rename 5.sav to 0.sav. Then restart.