How to restrict tools and props in sandbox?

How do I restrict tools and props to ranks?

You could just use Falcos Prop Protection
or URS for ULX

Yeah, neither show up when I put them in

If you have installed URS properly it looks like this:

Edit: Scratch all that. I’m an idiot and now see what else I need to install…

It seems that none of the addons I try to install are showing up other than ulx. Any ideas?

What do you mean?

Say I try to install an addon (like URS), it doesn’t show up in the server. I extracted the folder into the addons folder.

Do you restart the server?
I can’t think of anything else.

I close the server, add it, then it doesn’t show up

Do you type !menu ingame to open the ULX menu?
Can you try to write a few more lines on how it doesnt’ show up?
What addons have you installed? Try install something obvious and see if it works.

How about this - Can I get a link?

Put all these in addons:

restart your server.
If your server is a hosted server, go into console:
rcon_password yourpassword
rcon ulx adduser rcon Dr.Aven superadmin

Ok I got it working - the addons folder’s had capital letters, causing them not to work.