How to ride horses

First you gather leather
Metal frags
And wood

Next you need to find a wild horse and train the horse to follow your orders.

You can then upgrade the horse outfit with armor as well as storage for helping your clan tranfer loots or move

Dump the car idea and add horses!

One of the coolest thing I did in Canada when I lived there was learning how to ride horses. I worked in a farm with a family and the mother was a professional trainer that worked with badly treated horses (people use to be assholes with horses, they use to jab the spurs till the animal bleeds, hit them and even run over them with cars), horses by nature are shy and sensitive so those animals were even more distrustfull.

Im telling you this cause what you need to tame an train a horse in order to ride them is not only a leash, a saddle and some horseshoes, its a process that involves not only the psicological part between the man and the beast (a relationship of trust need to be built) but a lot of time of riding inside fences for the horse to understand the man and viceversa.

So at least, if the devs want to add the feature of riding horses, I want to see some fences and maybe a stable and some form of tempting the wild horse to get into them, leaving a trail of apples, carrots or something. An item that, after being dropped in the ground, attracts the horse if the players are far enough. Then, with the horse inside the fences, after some time of feeding it and leting him alone then the horse lets you put a leash, some horseshoes, a saddle or whatever you are able to craft and equip on them so you can ride.

I think it is important for the game, if the devs implement a feature about riding horses, to exist a time and effort difference between a wild horse and a trained horse, so trained horses are something valuable to steal or to kill (if the devs are cruel enough to implement anything of what I am saying I am gonna cry so hard if someone kills my trained horses). The horse was a weapon IRL, it can be one easily in Rust, the horse offers a buff of speed and carrying space over the regular player. Even if cars get implemented the horse is a cheap alternative.

About upgrading, I dont think it works with Rust, the game has an equipment system so it would be intuitive for the horse to have his own inventory so you can equip the best gear you have available for the horse and that gear came from crafting or raiding.

The biggest problem with this would be that 95% of rust players are assholes, and wouldn’t think twice about killing your horse, whether it was behind a fence or not, they would deliberately go out of there way to shoot the horse, simply because they can.

It’s pretty crazy how a game that can only be purchased by people 18 years and over is more then 50% kids 16 or under, and I think that is half the reason rust’s player base are assholes, because even the nice people have been killed to many times by kids who think this is cod and they’re just sick of being nice only to be killed, so they then become an asshole as well. And that’s pretty much the cycle of rust.

Wouldn’t that be an accurate outcome in a post apocalyptic world? Passing raiders wouldn’t think twice about killing your livestock (or you) for sport. Would Rust be Rust if not for the crippling loss factor?

I say neigh.