How to rig a model with a pre-existing skeleton?

I’m trying to figure out how to properly rig a model from Dead Space. I have a script for 3D max that can open the model’s original skeleton but unfortunately, when exporting the original model files into .obj, the original rigging does not stay. So I have to rig all the models again if I want to add animations to them.

But the skeleton is a bit weird with multiple bones connected to one joint. Like below:

If I apply the skinning effect and try to move an object, it’ll look like this:

When rigged, the model should look like this (with its idle animation)

I really don’t want to make a new skeleton as there’s already a pre-existing one available.

Can you choose to export the model as a COLLADA (DAE) or FBX file instead? OBJ files don’t support skeletal information, which is why you’ve gotta skin it yourself, resetting all the weights that were already applied to the model in the process.

It’s easy enough to fix the weights yourself, but I recommend you learn more about rigs in general before you attempt to repair one, which would mean rigging it from scratch.

yes I can export it, but there are still some parts that need fixing like the claw, which rotates from the forearm instead from the joint that is seen in the in-game picture.

obj exports geometry only you need fbx in order to export bones too and skin

I forgot to say that after you left the first comment, I tried the raw, un-exported model (not obj) with the skeleton and it still looked the same.

well, from what i understood you have skinning issue. when you export model from game skin looks brokenis that it?

Yes it appears that’s the issue. Every skeleton “joint” part is completely red and also in some areas reaches to sections where it shouldn’t (or doesn’t at all)

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For example this limb:

It should rotate like this:

i remember, i got models from wwe 2k16 they had same issue. I think it has to do with exporting. My guess is all those extra bones you see are either sockets for particles or sockets for spawning limbs when you cut them with plasma cutter for example. Another guess is that the used same skeleton for all monster models so thats why it has so many addictional or unnecessary bones. And when u export skin binds to all skeleton or gets corrupted somehow… if it works ingame and doesnt when you rip them issue is in between thats my guess

From what I’ve tested so far, I only need to adjust that red part to fix the parts moving too much. I just don’ t know how.

Also I’ve extracted these models and the skeleton is a different file that didn’t come with the model. Also yep, I noticed there were few unnecessary bones, for example in the shoulder that probably act as joints for the dismembered parts. And yes, this skeleton is used in all the Slasher models as well, which is why there are those unnecessary parts in the abdomen and the leg.

Hey, I was wondering, could you perhaps take a look at the model and see if the issue can be fixed by just manually adjusting the envelopes if I provide the files?

i dont usually skin with envelops, i rather skin with vertices (i have way more control over it) as far as my knowledge of autodesk sfotware goes, Softimage has/had envelope skinning technique but i never work with envelopes, i hate them.
And btw you turned off envelopes or they doesnt appear at all?

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About red parts, i dont know anything about ripping files besides pressing F10 in ninja ripper, but isnt there supposed to be skin data embed in the model file? like FBX. FBX contains geometry, cameras,lights,skin,skeleton you name it… model files in game must have skin information.

Ahh, okay. I tried skinning with verticles but I couldn’t understand most of the stuff. It probably would be easier with that though :stuck_out_tongue:

And no, I haven’t turned off envelopes. They appear as red as shown in the picture above depending on the part. However, they are all red like that with no yellow or blue showing.

did you try scaling envelopes? does colors change or area of influence expands?

As for the skin data, I use a 3D max script that opens the encrypted model files. As far as I can tell, the script I use doesn’t recognize the original skin data, so either I have to skin them all over again or wait someone to make an updated script for the model files that contain the code for getting the original rigs.

so this issue is in all 3 game’s models or only in latest one? if in latest one probably need update.

Ahh that’s another problem. I can resize the area of infulence but only towards to the rest of the body. I cannot resize it towards the claw so that the forearm goes unaffected. I don’t know why.

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The script I use works with all the game models, so the same issue is present in all of them.

well that’s sad. if you will use models in your projects, yes you will have to reskin: if you want to use 3ds max i recomend learning CAT(its simpler) or regular 3ds max bones(not ver far from CAT but you will have to set custom controllers and FK/IK chains unless you will retarget animation in motionbuilder then screw CAT). If you have wide horizonts i recoment Maya. Maya is actually good for rigging and skinning(personally i hate maya, i just wish it would burn in the depth of hell but it is good when it comes to skin and rig) if you want to release models to public, for now release just mesh with textures.

Ahh… well, creating a new skeleton will break the original animations, so I think I will wait until some makes a script with the original rigging data.

well yes if u have original animations… that sucks. U may try ur luck on xentax forums…

No I don’t have the original animations, but I require them for couple projects. I’ve already asked about this on Xentax and waiting for someone to take a look at few sample files. Hopefully someone can make a script for the skeletons.

well i will keep an eye on your thread as i have intrest in dead space theme generaly. It really pleases me this is exactly how i imagine future for some reason. good luck with script i will stop offtoping this thread so if you want you can add me on skype quarantinethegame if not its ok :slight_smile: