How to rig player models for gmod?

So i have my player model, and im using 3ds Max 2016, and i dont know how to add a skeleton, i was following a tutorial, how ever the plugins dont work, thanks.

Can i use a different program?

which plugins are you trying to use?
a link to the tutorial you’ve used could be nice, so that I can look at it by myself.

you can probably use other programs, but I would suggest using the program you are the best at using.

What i do to get player models rigged, was i would hand rig them with 3DS Max, and after i finished i would export back into the .SMD’s and recompile etc. but unfortunatly i havent used 3DS Max for so long i forgot pretty much everything about the tool. so in short sentances, my Versatility for 3DS Max is a Little bit or maybe none.

The tutorial, plugins are in the description;

Those plugins only work for 2012. Try looking up wallworm. I dont know how to use it but if I’m correct, it should do what you want.