How to rig the Pixar lamp (Luxo jr)?

Hey there. For an animation project, I’ve been assigned to create a parody of the pixar intro. I’ve finished modelling the lamp but after checking like loads of tutorials online on how to rig this, I still don’t get it. What I need help on is to where the joints will go, what parts will be contrained and what parts will be attached via weighting. For such a simple model, I dont know why its such a pain in the ass to think of how the thing will be rigged.

Here is the model:

If anyone has managed to rig this before or has experiance with rigging, could you help me pls? Thanks.

Really depends on what kind of motion you need.

Generally joints are placed where you’re going to rotate an object. Like for example on a person, their knee is the pivot point, so you’d place the join there. However, joints can be anywhere. Really depends on necessity. Like say you need a rod to bend, then you’d place joints in the middle of the rod, so you can manipulate them in the animation. Figure out what’s going to need to move during the animations and place joints there, then rig pieces to them.

As for rigging, you’re simply assigning vertexes to rotate with a bone. A weight value of 1 means the vertex moves 1:1 with the bone. a weight value of less than one means it doesn’t move as much with the bone. For Hard surface models such as yours, typically you would use weights of 1.

Stiffy has good information and advice.

This particular model could cause problems because of the particulars of how its axes would operate. I recommend you study videos of the lamp in motion, and observe how it moves. Should help give you an idea of where to point the joints.

problem at hand is ik to target two bones with the same angles. you can do that if the dual rods only have vertices at the root and the end. you need to seriously roll the ‘target’ bones (green) tho so you get correct parallel translation without rotation. you might have take care of the distance/rod lenght yourself. the lower rubber band and the spring target are easier. you need to have endpoint bones and/or vertices proper weighted that parent and rotate correct with the dual rod bones. my quick 2 cent look on that. :smile:

Yeah since ive rigged organic models such as characters before, weighting hard surface models is just so much easier since its just a case of “colouring it in” in a sense.

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Hmm yeah il give that a try, thanks :slight_smile: