How to: Right click axis, mirroring, and ACF Tnak

Here are some tutorials I made.

Right click axis & Axis/Ballsocket Linedraw




ACF tank


That tnak, deserves a medal.

You’re on a tutori-roll. :haw:


That’s an insanely detailed tnak :v:

I didn’t see the tank move and shoot at the same time, cause I was wasted on everclear, and I closed my eyes when it did.

It moves, shoots, solves world pollution issues and spawns sandwiches at the same time :smug:

dupe for that tank please

Keep working on your tank, its waaay too boxy, and you should use much more welds and heavy props. Mine can move and shoot at the same time, URS cant. try everclear, it really helps with building tanks. btw check out my leaf spring suspension tutorial and actuve suspension, they beat regular suspesnionn
oh and revolutionary

also he drives a german sports car.

welp that’s all the time i have, back to 100 hours of work a week

yea but they cant move and aim at the same time…

i mean shoot

That tank should replace the standard cent on ggg now.

Fucking troll face karb.


also nice tut i want you inside me.

Hmm, I always do my remote axis the other way lol. Left click prop then right click base works the same.