How To Rip 3d Models From Mad Max?

Hey Guys Its Gtafreak67s and i was wondering how to rip 3d models from The Game"MAD MAX" and as i am a modder i want those jackets so badly cause i want to use it in GTA V modding and i’ve use NinjaRipper but no luck…PLEASE HELP ME!!

what settings are you using for ninja ripper and what version of ninja ripper are you using cause I’ve been ripping almost everything I can from the game using ninja ripper and I have full meshes of people cars etc. perhapse I can help you.

Edit: here is from my logs but I have used the newest ninja ripper 1.5.1 to rip models as well.

using that wrapper hasn’t failed me. though max is a bit torn up he’s still usable if you peice him together in 3d max or whatever program. pretty much anything else is a very clean rip. t poses and everything. over all I am happy with the models I have gotten out of the game and I am even in the process of rebuilding some to be fury road replicas we released a version of the razor cola for gta San andreas. and some of that are parts from the game. if you still can’t rip using ninja ripper then I don’t know what to say. no ones made a model extractor but it’s said that this mad max game is running of a slightly modified just cause engine meaning that in theory tools for that should work for mad max. but again the rips are good and clean on my end.

if you still can’t seem to get rips working then pm me the models you want and I’ll grab them for you. was just about to go back and rip the some of the early stuff from the game that I missed cause I didn’t know that the cutscenes are not prerendered and are infact ingame making them perfectly rippable. frankly I have met anything in the game I couldn’t ultimately rip.

Edit 2: also when working with a program in your programs folder it’s best to run ninjaripper “as administrator” it will allow you to add the rip folder to the programs folder and also access that program. some games don’t need this but it helps with some of the other games out there I’ve noticed. if you do this and use the above setting you should be golden. but gain pm me with model requests if you just can’t get it working.