how to rip a map from source: problems with game optimisation


I need to convert a map from Day of Defeat: Source to a static mesh/MODEL that I can use in 3ds max. I need it for some rendering purposes that I cant do in the game itself (or gmod) and it needs to be whole. And thats where I have a problem. If I want to use 3D Ripper, I need to make the map visible everywhere, not just in front of me. By default, game saves performance by making distant meshes disappear or low poly and doesnt render whats behind. Is there a command I can use to REALLY max out graphics in all possible ways, so that no optimization occurs?

I thank you for your help!

PS: If anyone has a better idea on how to get the map Im all ears :slight_smile:

Sorry if this is in the wrong section, I havent quite figured out where it belongs, since it involves models manipulation more than actual mapping, I put it in modelling.

You can probably use propper for this sort of thing. If you decompile the map using VMEX, you can probably use propper to turn it into an SMD file you can import into max. I don’t think you’re going to get a particularly clean result no matter which method you use considering you’re dumping an enormous ripped map into 3ds max, but it should import nonetheless.

Nem’s Crafty will do what you want. It opens Source .BSP’s and lets you export them in OBJ format, along with all textures.

The exported map is then viewable in its entirety in your 3D modeling program.

OMG my savior! Just when I was about to give up and rip map part by part with 3D Ripper you come up with an excellent solution. Many thanks! You’re the best!

Just wondering, by theory could this be used to export 1:1 meshes of models that wont decompile?