How to rip DoD:S wepaons into gmod?

Sorry if this is in the wrong section. I didnt really know where to put it. So waht im asking is how can I get the DoD:S weapons into gmod without downloading them (I want the accomplishment of doing it myself). Also I own DoD:S so no warez for me :slight_smile:

You’re technically not allowed to do that unless you own them on the same account.

I do don’t worry.

What? If you own them both on the same account then you can just mount them in Gmod normally.

im fairly sure he means usable weapons, not just models

Sorry I wasnt being clear I meant the weapons as a swep but I just realized that I’d just have to make them a swep myself. Sorry.

Oh right, well in that case I’m sure there’s remakes of them on