how to rip kane &lynch and silent hill 4 model?

Hi,i’m new in here
i saw some people using some tool to rip Kane & lynch and Hitman BLood money model& texture.
does someone know what is this tool???i searching google for 1 hour and i get nothin

and does someone know how to rip Silent hill 4 model?

It’s called 3D Ripper DX. You’ll need a 3D modeling tool to use it, however. It asks if you want to install the plugin for 3DS Max when you install 3D Ripper DX, so that’s the preferred program. When you have the ripper open, though, you can check a box to save in .OBJ format that should work in literally any 3D modeling program.

It’s pretty easy to use. You just load the .exe for the game, launch it, find what you want to rip, press F12 (that’s the default rip button) and exit or make more rips then find the .3DR files or .OBJ files in My Documents/3D Ripper DX/Frames.


It worked in Hitman: BM for me, and it should work in SH4 and K&L.

For Silent Hill 4, there’s a tool called Scarlet. It can extract the models and textures.
You can get it here:

i already know,BUT THERE IS A TOOL
can rip Kane & lynch and hitman bm model & texture very perfect.
3dRipper is shit,very hard to get mesh fit with t pose

I looked it up, and it seems like this might be it. I don’t have Hitman or K&L installed, so I can’t check.

and yes 3DRDX is shit, but it’s the best you’re going to get if you can’t find the tools