How to rip models from GTA V.

I’m honestly starting to give up with Zmodler3 as it just get errors etc, and its painful to use as i wont be able to learn in 14 days and dont plan on buying it. Is their any over way to rip the models from GTA with out using ZModeler. I have OpenIV, its just editing and then converting them to gmod format, thank you.

Parts of the physical, skeletons and dummies but I understand a little ZModeler 3 more for you to put a mod in GTA V needs to have much wisdom. You first have to know the original model of vehicles
I have a friend who makes mods for GTA V

Yes, use 3DSMax instead. It has a plugin called GIMS IV to convert into max, then another plugin called WallWorm to convert that into a Source model. It works for IV, help me out too and find a working version for V. My workaround was downloading a “GTAV to IV” mod and using those models as base but it’s missing some compatability.

TurtleeyFP :Their change in GTA V? using these programs to 3ds max?

Is there any specific model you want? Like a ped or something?

Thanks all, and yes the answer to your question is and is quite long sorry but here is a list;

  • Groupe 6 Security Van, rigged for source vechiles
  • Groupe 6 Security guards player models - righed for player models
  • Taco Van
  • The sprunk truck, and all the vans (I love them)
  • Digglente (the Prius I can’t, I think that’s what they call it)
  • and some of the civilian models.

I want to rip them for this addon, but I really want the Bank Truck and guards :slight_smile:

lemme see what i can do for now here’s some of those 6 security dudes

bump maps + specs

Nice. OpenIV supporting GTA V mesh and skeleton exporting now?

Is it possible for you to get me the Mesa (Merryweather version) and the Insurgents?

Could you rip the military dudes?

Holly shit your epic dude XD thanks a ton!

What did you use to convert those into an obj? OpenIV only exports into yft as far as I know, can’t find any documentation other than “not possible yet”.

the marines or Merryweather?

Can you link to the exact plugin you used to import the .DFF files into Max? The only one I can find is for III/VC/SA and it gives errors when I try to import the GTAV .DFF files.

Does it give you the non-standard dff error? In that case:


I use zmodeler3

That worked!

Glad I could help.