How to rip models in T-Pose?

I want to start at this of port characters but I want to know how to rip models from games.
I use 3D Rip Max but the program doesn’t give me a T-posed ragdoll.
Have you got any good tutorial?

GameAssassin. Its a chinese-written application, but it works pretty well and can even be used to dump animation and skeleton data.

I will try it.
EDIT: Is complicated to use I think xD and I dont understand it…

No answers?..

You have to find a way to get them in a T-Pose ingame, and rip that. It’s usually just a matter of luck. When I ripped the SWAT 4 officers and compiled them as CSS Counter-Terrorists, it was a bit easier than normal because SWAT 4 came with a model viewer in its map editor which you could rip models from in a T-Pose. In the case of Hitman: Blood Money, using the teleport cheat around the mission right after it starts will put every onscreen character into a T-Pose, which you can then rip. Sometimes you can screw up a game’s animation files before launching it so that the characters move in T-Poses. (If you’re going to do that, make sure you back up everything first…)

Keep in mind that it’s always a better idea to extract models directly from the game’s files instead of ripping just the mesh when the game is running. You don’t risk losing important data, and your output is less likely to be screwed up.

If you can’t find a way to get the characters into a T-Pose, and you can’t take any data from the game’s files, just rip characters in an idle pose. It’s messy and more difficult to fix later, but it’s really the best you can do.

In all cases, the T-Pose that you rip will be slightly different than the animation you’d need for the Source skeleton. You’ll still need to move/rotate/scale the mesh a bit to line it up perfectly.

Never heard of that one, does it work on Vista?

Try it but you’ll never understand it until you learn chinnesse…

I can’t find it in Google, what do I do?

Here you can find it:
I tried to put the download link but at the moment the link is down.

do we have to pay to get the registered version?

You don’t have to.
I asked S-LoW and he told me that he uses models exporter.Each game uses a different engine so each game uses a exporter.
At the moment I want to try with GTA San Andreas.

With all GTA3 titles, you only need a copy of ZModeler. You basically import the model, then export as whatever format you use in other modelling programs.

You can also get a Maxscript for 3DS Max, which is much more useful when you intend to put the models back in game, and is less of a download.

Indeed, I found kam’s GTA scripts very useful for both importing and exporting to GTA:SA. I think the set of scripts is for 3DS Max 8.

I would also suggest IMG Tool 2.0 for opening the data archives (GTA:SA only, I think) and TXD Workshop for viewing/importing/exporting textures.

I have those programs.

Maxscripts tend to work with whatever version I throw them in