How to rip PSX/PSOne textures/ models?

Any reliable ways to rip textures or models from, let’s say, Vagrant Stories?

Using a standard screen-ripping tool will not work for models, as the original Playstation lacks a z-buffer. You may be able to get some textures through the use of tools such as jpsxdec, PVV, or through the use of a 3D ripper. As for the models, most games use unique formats. A quick searchn reveals that there’s an interesting set of tools aimed at Vagrant Story here (if you’re interested) :

I used the web version of that VStools, and managed to see the level file, so I tried to export the .obj models, but it seems that nothing happened.
Any pointers?

Oh. it seems the viewer can export character and weapon models, but not level geometry.
Well at least the texture are extractable.

Just another question. If I don’t want to use the web version, how do I get the executables from the .zip files to work?