How to run a gamemode you coded

How do you run a gamemode in GMOD after you just got done scripting it?

Go to autoexec.cfg and change gamemode “gamemodehere” to whatever the gamemode name is in the gamemodes directory.

This makes me wonder if you coded it.

Why? Only real lua scripters can write an entire gamemode without running it once and have it work flawlessly.

You need to get on our level, dawg.

Great! You’re hired!


Anyway, setting the gamemode in command line doesn’t seem to work anymore :frowning:


Is there a difference between + and - gamemode?

  • runs the command in srcds, - is a command line, e.g -port 27015 over +port 27015, +console over -console, + won’t work. you need +gamemode <name>