How to run a rcon command at start?

Hey can anyone help me with how I would make my server automatically run an RCon command at start because I host a BaseWars server but it needs to be set to sandbox and then changed to BaseWars to work. Also the server restart whenever nobody is on so it goes on sandbox then. How would I make it automatically switch to BaseWars whenever it is on sandbox?

hook.Add(“Initialize”, “changetobasewars”, function()
game.ConsoleCommand("gamemode basewars
timer.Simple(1, function() game.ConsoleCommand("changelevel somemaphere
") end)

Something like this maybe?

or use server.cfg

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You need to put +gamemode basewars in your startup line.

I found out the problem. The gamemode was called Basewars but in ULX to change gamemode you put basewars so it confused me. +gamode worked thanks!