How to run a RUST server?

I have a game-hosting provider located in South America(Brazil) and i would like to know how can i start running RUST servers.


You need to rent a server from them, but right now I don’t recommend renting a server as there is a lot of servers up and it will be a real competition

Where and how can i rent ?

Find a server provider like etc and buy a server and they will provide you with everything you need.

I think his point has been misunderstood, he wants to actually host the servers and not pay for someone to host for him.


I’am a provider, not a user

no he is a server provider man and HE wants to run servers that others can rent from him so to the OP currently only a certain amount of providers can host the servers so maybe e-mail garry

You are going to have to apply @

Sorry missunderstood him #mybad

These things happens, you are forgiven. Agreed with the above about contacting, you will have to apply to become an official provider.

The developers have only released the server files to a limited amount of hosting companies. Currently, you can NOT own a server, rather you must rent one from someone who is on the short list of providers. I did not know that you could apply to the developers to become a credited host, as CN.Kane stated, so look into that I guess? If/when the game reaches more final stages, I would assume that the developers would release the server files along with the game so that anyone who owns a physical server can host. Email Gary and ask him :wink: