How to run mutliple servers on one dedicated?


I’ve used: to install GMOD on my dedicated server. Now I want to install a second one. Just creating a new user and do all the steps again doesn’t work, as it says that LinuxGSM is already running.
So what should I do here?

Thanks in advance!

Nice choice with LGSM. I only found about it recently and have so far seen no drawbacks. The wiki mentions two approaches you can use to host two servers on the same box:

The full guide is here. Make sure you also setup your crontab to both automatically start the server when the machine boots and restart it whenever it crashes. You can see my example crontab below that both reboots the server when the box powers up and checks to see that the server didn’t crash (and restart it if it did) every 2 minutes:

@reboot ./gmodserver start
1-59/2 * * * * ./gmodserver monitor >/dev/null 2>&1

I would honestly recommend hosting them manually and just using a batch script to auto restart them if they crash.

and just set them to two different ports and wola it works.