How to Rust. A short story about the game.

Here a short story about Rust. This is a word document of the link if you want it. I find it extremely easier to read because this site messes up the format.

If not enjoy the story below!

How to Rust
By Rob Senski

The world of Rust is a world of survival. Humans are pitted against beasts, hunger and themselves. No one remembers how they got to this land of doom, and no one knows how to leave. Our story takes us in the heads of a trio that has banded together to survive.
“We should like take over this field.” A naked man said.
“How are we going to take over a whole field, Astro?” Another barely clothed man said.
“We could like build a bunch of walls around it, Wave!” A third naked man said.
“You’re so dumb. That would take way to much wood.” Wave said.
“Alright I got it!” The third naked man said.
“Oh great.” Wave said sarcastically.
“Here we go.” Astro said with his face buried on his palm.
“We’ll just smack trees with these rocks we have!” The third naked man said.
“Mother of God! Do you understand how stupid that sounds, Senski?” Wave said.
Senski walked over to a tree and hit it with a rock. His inventory was gifted with a single log of wood.
“Hey it worked.” He said quite surprised with himself.
“Wait what? Is that actually how you get wood?” Astro said smacking another tree.
“Oh my God it’s working!” Wave said.
The three smacked trees for hours while laughing at each other’s blissful ignorance.
“Wow we’ve been at it for a while. How much wood you guys got?” Astro said.
“Uh. Eighty-six.” Wave said.
“Thirteen.” Senski said.
“I have seventy-two. How on earth do you only have thirteen Senski? We’ve been whacking these trees for hours!” Astro said.
“Hey noobs!” A man in cloth armor ran up to the three in their field.
“Whoa. We’re friendly guy.” Astro said.
“Its fine but guys have to smack the wood piles not the actual trees.” He said.
He ran away without saying another word. Wave spotting a wood pile not to far from them and decided to check if it was true.
“Wow. I got seven wood from just hitting it once.” He said.
“Oh my god. We wasted a whole day doing this?” Astro said.
“Haha. Well. Uh. Whose stupid idea was it to straight up hit trees, right?” Senski said.
The two angrily starred at him while the sun dropped.

Time passed on and the trio learned more about their environment and how to efficiently gather resources. They gathered a large amount wood and built a house in the mountains above the field.
“How’d ya guys do today?” Astro said.
“Not bad. Scored three hundred wood on that run.” Senski said.
“Dang just from gathering in our field?” Wave said.
“Nah this guy came running at me like a mad man. I pulled out that pistol you gave me and shot him.” Senski said.
“You killed a guy?!” Astro yelled.
“Yah. What’s the big deal? You do it all the time for their loot.” Senski said.
“Yah but not near our house!” Astro said.
“I’m failing to see the problem here.” Senski turned to Wave.
Wave smacked him with a stone hatchet.
“You’re a dunder. Now sit by that fire and recover your wounds.” Wave said.
Senski sobbed by the fire while he ate a cooked chicken breast.
“What do we do?” Wave said to Astro.
“I’ll place some more spike walls around the house just in case. In the meantime let’s not go hunting for a while.” He said.
Astro left the building with a small stack of wood to build up some defenses.
“I don’t even know what he’s so worried about. It’s not like they’re going to find us anyway.” Senski said with a mouth of cooked chicken.
“People wonder in the mountains all the time. They could easily stumbled on us then raid our house while we’re sleeping.” Wave said.
“Yah but we have metal doors.” Senski said.
“And wooden walls. Not to mention they could have explosives and grenades.” Wave added.
“Meh. I’m telling you. We’re not gonna be found. It’s not like I lead them right to us.” Senski said.
“He lead them right to us!” Astro screamed running into the house. “Close the doors and get into the back room!”
The three ran into the back room of their house filled with storage crates.
“Alright we have three shotguns and a pistol. Senski give me the pistol since I’m the best shot.” Astro said
The trio equipped themselves with their gear and prepared themselves.
“How many were there?” Wave said.
“Five I think. And they were all armed with guns and leather.” Astro said.
The trio heard footsteps around their house.
“Wait be quiet. Don’t say anything.” Astro said.
They stood in silence while the small group of bandits surrounded their house.
“We know you’re in there! And we saw you gun down our mate!” A voice said.
“He charged me!” Senski yelled.
“No! Shut up!” Astro hissed at him. “We’re sorry he attacked us first. We were only defending ourselves.”
“Is that why you plundered his equipment?” The voice said.
“Nice one.” Wave said to Senski.
“I’m sure we can make a deal. How about we give all his stuff back to you?” Astro said.
“Not going to happen. I don’t trust any of you guys to make an exchange without shooting at us.” He said.
“Great. We’re screwed.” Astro said. “We have metal doors. You can’t get in.”
“Good thing we have explosives then.” The voice said.
“Oh my god they got an airdrop.” Wave said.
“How on earth did they? I feel like we’ve never gotten close to one before.” Astro said to the group.
“Well I’d love to chat more, but we’ve already set up the charges.” The voice said.
“Alright. Stick together and all aim at the same guy. If we focus our fire we can pick them off.” Astro said.
“Alright let’s do this.” Senski said.
A wall across from them exploded and made a large gap in their house.
“Friendly!” Senski screamed holding his gun above his head.
He ran out of the gap and out of sight.
“Senski stick to the plan!” Wave yelled.
A leather coated man ran through the gap and toward Astro and Wave.
“Gap!” Astro said.
The two aimed perfectly with each other and blasted their shells into the bandit. He fell to the ground lifeless. The two were bombarded with bullets and Wave opened a door to escape. They ran deeper into their house to reload and compose themselves.
“One down.” Wave said.
“Yah. Four more.” Astro said.
Explosives sounded from in front of them and behind them.
“They’re coming in from both sides.” Wave said.
“Alright I’ll get the front, you take the back. If we don’t split they’ll flank us.” Astro said.
Wave ran back to the door that they had escaped from and noticed two bandits through the cracks of the walls behind it.
“Alright set up another charge here.”
“What if they open the door though?”
“They won’t. They ran towards the front.”
Wave smirked and waited till he heard the two bandits set up the charge. When he was sure that they both were down he opened the door.
“Look out!” A bandit yelled.
Wave blasted a bandit in the head and he dropped instantly. The remaining bandit switched to his gun but the charge blew up next to them. The blast hit both the bandit and Wave to the ground. Meanwhile on the other side of the house Astro creeped towards the front door. It was blown open but no bandits were there.
“Die!” A voice from behind him yelled.
A bandit fired a pistol round into his back and made his vision blink red. Astro turned completely around and unloaded a shell into the bandits face.
“That’s was pretty quick but drop the weapon.” The voice from before said.
The leader of the bandits had appeared behind him holding a shotgun to his head. Astro slowly turned around switching to his free hands.
“Alright. Don’t shoot.” He said.
“I’ll tell you a secret before I do. That guy your friend shot wasn’t even our guy. We just saw it happen and followed him back to your place.” The bandit laughed.
He aimed his gun at Astro’s head and a shell was fired. Not into Astro but into the bandit. Senski had appeared behind him and gunned him down.
“It’s alive. It’s alive.” Senski said mechanically.
"That was the stupidest one liner you’ve ever said. And it’s from Frankenstein. Astro laughed. “Where’s Wave?”
“Here!” Wave crawled into the room on his stomach.
“The blast broke my legs but I got him.” He said.
“Wow nice guys. I didn’t think we’d actually live through that yet alone all survive.” Astro said.
“Yah we’re pretty amazing.” Wave said trying to stand to his feet.
Astro looked through the lead bandit’s bag while Senski attended to Wave.
“Whoa! These guys they’re loaded! Look at all this wood.” Astro said.
“Ah sweet. What should we do with it?” Wave said.
Astro thought for a moment and was struck with a great idea.
“We’ll build a tower in the middle of our field.” Astro said.
“Alright! We’re actually gonna make the field ours?” Senski cheered.
“No. It’s not about the field anymore.” Astro said.
“Why wouldn’t it be about the field?” Kyle said.
“Because the field doesn’t get us out of here.” Astro said.
“Did you take a bullet to the head? You know it’s impossible to leave this place.” Wave said.
“Except there’s one thing that always does.” Astro said.
“What?” Senski asked.
“The plane.” Astro said.
“Where are you going with this?” Wave said.
“We build a tower so high that we reach the plane. And once we’re its height we’ll ride it out of this place!” Astro said.
“That’s perfect!” Senski yelled.
“That’s dumb.” Kyle said.
“That’s genus.” Astro said.
“But it’s actually stupid. Do you know how much wood we’ll need for that? We’ll never be able to get it all ourselves.” Wave said.
“Oh man! I can’t wait to smack some more trees!” Senski cheered.
“Alright but what if it wasn’t just us? What if we got help?” Astro said.
“By who?” Wave said.
“The noobs.” Astro said.

More time passed for the trio and they succeeded in building a large tower in the center of their field. But it’s height was nothing compared to the plane that passed by.
“Alright listen up!” Senski yelled in front of a crowd naked men. “Your goal is to gather wood in this field. If you try to leave. We will shoot you. If you fight back we will shoot you. Every thirty minutes we will shoot you. Well not all of you. Just the once that brings us the least wood. So if you don’t want to die then gather wood! For compensation of your services we will give you food and shelter.”
“We’re not actually going to shoot the one that brings us the least wood.” Wave whispered to Senski.
“Yah I know. I’m just scaring them to make them work harder.” Senski whispered back. “Alright get to work!”
“Ya know where Astro is?” Wave said.
“Up in the tower I think. You go ahead. I’ll watch the slaves.” Senski said.
Wave climbed the tower to its highest unfinished floor. Astro was aiming a bold action rifle at a man in the distance.
“Almost in range.” Astro said.
Astro fired and the human dropped to the ground.
“Got him.” He said.
“Nice shot. Your aim is as insane as ever.” Wave said.
“Yah I know. I’m beast. How are the slaves doing?” Astro said.
“Good. We had to shoot two last night for trying to escape but we just captured five this morning.” Wave said.
“Good good. Alright when you go down again tell Senski to send a slave to loot that guy.” Astro said.
“Yah I will. But hey we should start starting going for the air drops too. It might have some really good structures we can use.” Wave said.
“Yah that sounds good. We’ll leave Senski with the slaves then head out for the next one.” Astro said.

Astro and Wave waited for the plane and departed when it dropped loot. They found the cases quickly but hesitated before running to retrieve it.
“What do you think?” Wave said.
Astro and Wave watched the loot from in between some rocks.
“I don’t know. It’s usually crowded by now. I think we could be walking into a trap.” Astro said.
“You better believe you’re walking into a trap!” A bandit said from behind him.
Astro and Wave turned around simultaneously and shot him to death.
“Well that was stupid. What was that noob doing?” Astro said.
“I don’t know. Being an idiot I guess.” Wave said.
“Let’s move in for it. We’ve already given away our position.” Astro said.
They ran for the air drop but just before reaching it they heard a large roar. A bear came into sight from behind a tree. Piles of backpacks were revealed underneath it.
“Well I guess that’s where everyone is.” Wave said.
The bear charged them and they held up their guns to kill it.
click click click
“I’m out!” Wave yelled.
“Me to! We’ve must of unloaded everything on that bandit!” Astro said.
“Run!” Wave yelled.
They separated and the bear chased Astro.
“Kill it Wave! Kill it!” Astro yelled just barely running faster then it.
“With what?! I don’t have any bullets!” Wave said.
“Use a bow!” Astro yelled.
Wave searched his inventory and found a bow but no arrows for it.
“I don’t have any arrows! I need wood!” Wave yelled.
“Do what Senski would do!” Astro yelled.
Wave lost his enthusiasm with the situation and dropped his arms.
“I’d rather it just kill you.” Wave said.
“Wave!” Astro yelled.
“Fiiinne.” Wave said.
He eyed down a couple of trees and smacked them for wood. After a minute of crafting he shot down the bear with his arrows.
“Phew. Now I guess we know how all those people died. They must have wasted their bullets on each other and had nothing to fight the bear with.” Astro said.
“Yah I guess so. Let’s check what this air drop is.” Wave said.
Wave walked up to the case and opened it. Inside was a small canister.
“What is this?” Wave said.
“Oh my god! It’s a cargo smoke signal! We can call the plane to fly over us with that!” Astro said.
“This is perfect!” Wave said.
“We’re actually going to do it! We’re going to leave this place!” Astro yelled.

In time the slaves built the tower high. High enough that it could reach the plane. And with the cargo smoke signal the trio finally made their move to escape.
“I can’t believe it. We’re actually going to be leaving.” Astro said.
“Yah. But can’t we take the slaves with us?” Senski said.
“What? No. They can’t all fit on the plane.” Wave said.
“I’m so sad!” Senski cried.
“Are you guys ready?” Astro said.
They stood under the tower in the middle of the field where they first started. A feeling of nostalgia overcame the trio and a fond memory of smacking trees with a rock made them laugh.
“Alright. Here we go.” Astro said.
Astro dropped the signal and it began to spray green smoke in the air.
“Well. Well. Well.” A voice came from across the field. “Looks like we came at the perfect time.”
An army of bandits stood on the borders of their territory.
“No.” Astro said.
“Crap their going to take the tower from us!” Wave said.
“Fear not brethren. I knew this would happen. You can’t make cheese without attracting a couple mice.” Senski said.
“Dude what?” Wave asked.
“I prepared for this, yo!” Senski yelled. “My slaves! Attack!”
An army of slaves appeared from the shelters around them and charged the bandits. The engine of the plane appeared in the distance and it flew directly for the tower.
“We have to get to the top! Come on!” Astro said.
The trio ran to the tower but Wave stopped just before entering. He looked back at the battle behind him and saw that the slaves were barely stopping the bandit from reaching them.
“Guys.” Wave said.
“What? Let’s go!” Astro yelled.
“We won’t make it. I’ll hold them off.” Wave said.
He ran out of the tower and joined the slaves in their battle.
“Dang it! Come on Senski let’s go!” Astro said.
The two climbed to the top floor and the plane flew directly for them.
“We gotta jump! Are you ready?” Astro said.
Footsteps filled the stairs beneath them and Senski pulled out his shotgun.
“Just tell me when!” He said.
Bandits reached their floor and Senski unload his gun to keep them away. The plane closed in on the tower and it was time to jump.
“Senski now!” Astro yelled.
Senski turned from the stairs and they both jumped for the plane. Astro landed on top of it but Senski hanged off on the edge.
“Oh crap. I’m slipping man.” He said.
“Hold on Senski!” Astro said.
“I can’t.” He said.
“Yes you can!” Astro yelled.
“Oh I know. I totally can. But the slaves, Astro!” Senski said.
“What?” Astro said confused.
“The slaves! I’ve grown so fond of them! They need me and I can’t leave them. Goodbye Astro.” Senski said.
He let go of the plane and fell back down to the field. Mostly likely braking all his bones and dying but that nots the point. Astro held back a tear for his friend’s sacrifice. They gave him the ultimate prize. Freedom from that land. And on that plane Astro rode to his freedom. The first man to ever escape Rust. The first player to ever win Rust. The end.

That. Was. Brilliant. I especially liked the part when they came up with the idea to escape. I about busted my mind’s rib when I chuckled. Thank you for that. +3 Internet points to you, good sir.

Thanks! But i’m little upset more people didn’t see it. I want others to laugh too.

That was rather interesting. It would be better if this was based on a true story. Or is it?

I would have read it if you had put ''said astro" instead of “astro said” etc

This was amazing! Please make more :slight_smile:
You should also maybe make videos to go along with these.

Oh crap. Yah it switches when not in first person doesn’t it?

First person would be - Astro said.
Third person would be- Said Astro.


I dont know until now that we can write this long on posts.

That was pretty good!

Perhaps… I will tell you this. The three characters are really players that play the game.

I stopped by the 5th line and realized that nearly all sentences, if you want to call them that, end with the word ‘said’. Literally, 120+ times in your story. Not kidding… 120+ times.

First person is “I said”
Second is “You said”
Third is “Astro Said” or “Said Astro” or “he/she said”