How to save and quit?

I have just started playing Rust and managed to build a basic house, however when I left the game and rejoined the same server later, I had lost all of my stuff.

Is there a correct way of exiting the game?


Dont attack or do anything for about 30 seconds.
And dont log off when bleeding.
Then u close the game again.

The server auto-saves every 30 to 60 seconds.

Saving and quitting aside… you probably got raided or one of the server resets ghosted your stuff. Was it the things in your personal inventory that went missing or did you have stuff in crates that went missing?

I have experienced this myself before, after a kind of combat log. I was gathering supplies and started heading home, someone put a few shots into me and I bandaged, ran in a zig zag and hid behind a building. I logged out and returned later to find my stuff gone and a fresh spawn, it turned out it didn’t disconnect me in time and the guy actually got me. I don’t know if this is what happened to you?

is there a correct way to log out?

Any works just fine. Let’s just say the “safest” way is to wait one minute before quitting the tab / setting fire to your computer / cutting the power line :slight_smile: