How to save Door Groups after Server Restart?

Hey guys, I’m wondering on how to save door groups that are assigned to doors (ex: CP station, and Theater). If anyone could help me out it’d highly be appreciated.

It should save on its own, if I’m not mistaken.

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If it’s DarkRP

Yes it is DarkRP. I restarted my server once I added the groups to the doors and they just disappeared…

Have you ever cleaned up the server? I remember that has been an issue before, but I don’t know anymore.

I never cleaned up the server after I set the doors to the groups. I don’t know how to save the doors permanently :confused: I don’t want to go into the server and have to do the regrouping process all the time. :confused:

Try deleting sv.db and start over. It might be corrupt?

Can you show me the path of sv.db? And what’s the main function for it?

It should be something like “C:\server\garrysmod”. It’s pretty much Garry’s mod’s inbuilt mysql storage base.

It also contains all player money, blocked props and so on. Everything that’s saved in DarkRP is kept in there.