How to save SERVER!?

Okay so I recently made changes and my CQB city was deleted…
I made a new one, typed the save.all at least 10 times a day on 2-3 different days and did the Backup server data and downloaded the worldmap file, but when I restarted the server everything dissapered once more!!

How do you simply save the f… server map!..

save.all in the F1 console. If that doesn’t work then there’s some other issue because that’s the save command.

I had the same issue, what server provider are you using?

Load your backup again. Make sure that when saving a backup that you are saving player files as well as world. Sometimes you have to reload the backup several times before everything is working again.

I’m using HFB servers

when I try to unzip the backup it just says: “Cannot find central directory”

Sorry different server provider I cant help you. Good luck though mate I know how annoying it is.