How to Scale Gravity on PhysBox?

Well, I don’t really know exactly what I need to do it to, but here’s an example:

If I take the sent ball, and in Init I add “self:SetGravity( 0.01 )” or any other value, but in-game it doesn’t change! I know for a fact I’m doing it in the right entity code, but… do I need to force “if SERVER” or what??

The object creates itself a physics sphere, do I need to apply it to that? :SetGravity( X ) doesn’t work for physics objects, though!

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and otherwise, how do I completely get rid of the physics box?

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Using phys:ApplyForceCenter seems to work, but will that synchronize online?

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For that matter, using CurTime() - CreateTime to do manual gravity works as well. self:SetGravity() does not seem to work… which method works best online?

well, I guess I have to assume my method will work… I can’t test online since I can’t forward my ports… I know how, and it doesn’t work…