How to see what my admins are typing in console?

Looking for a mod or some way to see what console commands my admins are typing in console to make sure they arent abusing powers.

It’s really none of your business. Those commands are used for so many legitimate reasons, that even if you see them use inv.giveplayer, you have no idea the reasoning behind it. Why should they have to waste time to defend themselves after you try to call them out in world chat?

I get asked 30 times a day to remove walls and doorways. I would blow my brains out if i had to explain what i was doing every time i used inv.giveplayer “Explosive Charge”.

It’s a valid reason stop being so butthurt if you’re going to caught abusing if the owner of the server your own finds out about you spawning fake C4.

If you’re using Oxide you’re going to want hook the event OnConsoleCommand and its basically before it does the action have it something like

if (command == inv.giveplayer ) then
    print("CONSOLE COMMAND: Command Give User ran by " .. netuser .. "and gave " .. arg[1] .. " amount " .. arg[2])

If you want PM me and I’ll make a script for you.

Thanks ill get back to you,

and to mickmedical, this is for my own server, I own it and I give admin powers to my friends to help out the server while im not available and I just want to make sure they arent spawning themselves a bunch of stuff.

rofl…well damn, Im glad you cleared that one up. At first glance of your post I was thinking you just wanted to see what admins typed in F1.
But yea…this makes more sense now. And this is quite interesting actually. As a server owner I guess I just trusted my guys

If these people are your friends then maybe you should trust them enough or remove the powers entirely?

It’s not about not trusting the co-admins. It’s about having more control overall and the tools to clarify situations when needed.

Example 1: If my co-admins could see how much stuff they’d spawn in in a day they might cut back on spawning items in

Example 2: It can also prove useful when taking care of disputes wether an admin uses godmode when playing the game etc.

As a server owner myself I can tell you that it is important for many more reasons to be able to log info such as used commands and have it stored somewhere in a log preferably.

Edit: As a matter of fact, if it were possible i’d like logs for EVERYTHING that happens on a server.
Wether that is broken code, settings not working correctly, whatever happens in console, whatever players are doing, whatever admins are doing, plugins info, memory usage, network usage, amount of players and everything else you can imagine.

So this is a great step towards having more controls and thus improving the administrative experience.


Well that’s a horse of a different color lol

You could log the console commands and make it private or public. This way You alone or everyone can see if some admin is abusing or doing somenthing wrong.

Fortunately my friend and I are the only admins on our server, we play legit and we don’t have this issue. We have been asked to remove the occasional wall. But I do sympathise if you have a larger group it could probably become an issue.