How to set a ClientProp's eye position (or rotation)?

Say I wanted to create a ClientProp in a player’s exact location and position.
If this sets the position of it (and the color and model):

concommand.Add( 'spawnpointlessplayer', function(ply)
local fake = ents.CreateClientProp()
end )

Then how would I set the rotation of it? Doing something like fake:SetEyePos(ply:GetAimVector()) doesn’t work, and fake:SetAngles(ply:GetAngles()) doesn’t seem to do anything.

This isn’t for some odd thing like a player death hook or something by the way-it’s actually for a recording addon I’m trying to make that uses client props to replay the recorded frames.

Pretty sure you are supposed to do it with the faceposer flexes:

You can see here these 2 are hidden from faceposer but you can still use them via Lua.

But there’s another problem, I remember someone tell me that you can’t change flexes on clientside models.

The only reason I was interested in the eye position was because it was meant to control the rotation if at a large enough angle, but is the rotation of a player separate from the eye position anyway?