How to set a default picture length in Sony Vegas?

Yeah, I want to do stop motion, and was wondering how you set a default length for pictures.

Also, what’s a good length?

Pictures should always be the same size as your video.

If you are using 1600x900 your picture should be 1600x900, even if it means mostly empty space on a .png file with a tiny image in the middle.

If you need to change the dimensions of the video just go to edit and preferences i think then chose from a series of video dimensions

He’s talking about how long the picture stays on the timeline for, lol

Ah well then it depends on your framerate.

In regular film the it is set to 24 frames per second because that is the limit around the maximum about of light that can enter the camera as well as an average amount of pictures the eye can read.

In digital film, it’s around 30 frames per second.

So let’s say you want to animate a person walking and you decided to take 90 screen shots for 10 seconds. Which is 9 frames per second.

Each picture should be on the screen for 1/9th of a second and there shouldn’t be any space in between and each image should be the same length. It all depends on how smoothely you want the picture to look.

The more screenshots you take, the less time they need to be on camera.

Options - settings - editing; there you will see “New still image length”, I use 0.050 for stop motion, (which would insert you picture at one frame long.)