How to set a player's mass?

I’m looking for this everywhere, unsure if SetMass() will work because it’s for physics objects. Anyone know a sure-fire way to set a player’s mass?

Players use custom physics. I think your best bet is **[Entity.SetGravity](**.

That’s working pretty well in one way… but what i’m trying to do is to make it so when a player runs into a low mass object (i.e. a trashcan) it dosn’t tip over.

trashcan:GetPhysicsObject():EnableMotion( false )?

The solution of Chief Tiger should work.

I don’t think that’s what he’s wanting. I think he’s wanting the player to be more like a coke can compared to the trash can, which I don’t know if you can do.

You could multiply each object’s mass by something once they’re created at **[Gamemode.OnEntityCreated](**.

Players have VPhysics shadows, which are physics objects.

Thats right but the force the player applies to the entities he’s touching does not increas for some reason.

I messed with the players mass a while ago and was not able to push away a container for example even I used SetRunSpeed(6000) and jumped against it.